Bemis Heights Society, NSCAR

                                                       Bemis Heights Society

                                                   National Award and State Participation Certificates

2016 Pee Wee Patriot Award to Sierra Beckenstein

Correct Use of the Flag Participation certificate

C.A.R-DAR, C.A.R.-S.A.R, C.A.R- S.R. Program Participation certificate

American Music Program Participation certificate

American Indian Program Participation Certificate

2013 State Organization did away with State Contests replaced with Participation certificates.

2011-2012 National Merit Award

Gold Star National Merit winner! Highest award in the organization

National Contest entry- Archives 1st place, certificate and check for $50.00

National Contest- Best C.A.R Society Newsletter in the country! Certificate and check for $25.00

2011-2012 State Award

State Gold Star Award highest honor in the New York State!

(no longer any state awards given out, society was presented Participation Certificate for 28 reports)

(No longer any state contest for Most Outstanding Society, state organization did away with this award)

2010-2011 National Merit Award 

Gold Start National Merit

 2010-2011 State Awards

Gold Star Merit Award 

3rd Most Outstanding Society in New York 

2010-2011 State Awards

1st place State President's Program

1st place First Vice President

1st place Second Vice President

1st Place State Chaplain

1st Place Recording Secretary

2nd Place Corresponding Secretary

2nd Place State Treasurer- Most State Patriots

1st Place State Treasurer-Most National Promoters

1st Place State Registrar

1st Place State Assistant Registrar

1st Place State Librarian-Curator

1st Place American Heritage

1st Place American History

1st Place American Indian

1st Place American Music

1st Place Archives

2nd Place Conservation

2nd Place Correct Use of the Flag

1st Place C.A.R Magazine & Newsletter

2nd Place C.A.R.-DAR

1st Place C.A.R.-SAR

1st Place C.A.R.-S.R.

1st Place Endowment Fund

1st Place Government Studies

1st Place Information Technology

1st Place Kids helping Kids

1st Place Mountain Schools

1st Place Magazine Fund

1st Place Membership

1st Place NYS Pin most pins credited

1st Place Public Relations

2nd place Patriotic Education

1st Place Veterans

Our own Kate Szewczyk Past Society President was elected N.Y.S.S.C.A.R. State Recording Secretary! 

Sierra Beckenstein received a Pee Wee Patriot certificate and cash which will be presented to her at our next society meeting. 

2009-2010 National Awards

Blue National Merit Award 

2009-2010 State Awards:

3rd Most Outstanding Society in New York 

Gold Star Award 

2009-2010 State Awards: 25 First place awards

1st VP

2nd VP

State Chaplain

State Recording Secretary

State Organizing Secretary

State Corresponding Secretary

State Treasurer: Tie 1st Place State Treasurer most National Promoters

State Historian

American Heritage

American Music Tie 1st place

Endowment Fund

CAR Magazine and Newsletter- Best newsletter

Archives: Most Centennial Plus books (2) and financial aid

CAR/S.R. Relations Tie 1st place

Government Studies

Information Technology Tie 1st place

Kids Helping Kids

Membership Tie 1st place

Mountain Schools Tie 1st Place

Museum Advisory Tie 1st Place

NYS Fund Pin

Patriotic Education

Public Relations Tie 1st Place

Veterans Tribute

 2nd Place Awards 8 Second Place awards

State Treasurer most State Patriots

State Librarian-Curator

American History

American Indian


Magazine Fund

Correct Use of the Flag


Total award money $116.00 check for NYSSCAR.

Our own Kate Szewczyk Past Society President was elected N.Y.S.S.C.A.R. State Corresponding Secrectary!

 We are again for the 5th year in a row are a State Gold Star Award winning society!  

Sierra Beckenstein received a Pee Wee Patriot certificate and cash which will be presented to her at our next society meeting. 

Your Senior President was elected to the N.Y.S.S.C.A.R Office of State Librarian-Curator. 

Last year your Senior President was elected Senior State Recording Secretary. 

2008-2009 National Awards 

Gold National Merit Award

Government Studies Pitcher

3rd Place National Corresponding Secretary-Most Creative Program

National Librarian- Best Book Review by a member: Sarah LaPidus



2008-2009 State Awards

Gold Star Award

3rd Most Outstanding Society in New York State


1st Place Awards   11 Awards

CAR.SR 1st place

Kids helping Kids 1st place

Mountain Schools 1st place

CAR. SAR 1st place

State Treasurerís contest Most National promoters 1st place

State Corresponding Secretary 1st place

2nd State VP contest 1st place

Patriotic Education 1st place

American Music 1st place

Public Relations 1st place

Government Studies 1st place


1st Place Tie Awards: 4 awards


1st State Vice President first place tie

Most New York State Pins credited 1st place tie

CAR-DAR 1st place tie

State Chaplain Contest 1st place tie


2nd Place Awards:12 awards

State Organizing Secretary 2nd place

State Presidentís program 2nd place

State Treasurerís Most State patriots 2nd place

American Heritage Best Speech 2nd place

American History 2nd place

American Indian 2nd place

Conservation 2nd place

Correct Use of the Flag 2nd place

Endowment Fund 2nd place

Magazine Fund 2nd place

New York State Pin- best program 2nd place

Membership 2nd place


2nd Place Tie awards: 1 award

Veteranís tribute 2nd place tie


2007-2008 National Awards


Gold National Merit Award

1st Place

Most Pee wee submission to the National CAR Magazine; prize was a check for $10.00


2007-2008 State Awards


Gold Star Merit Award

Government Studies Silver Pitcher Award- Best Government Studies Program


1st Place Awards: 12  awards

2nd Place Awards: 9 awards


2006-2007 National Awards


Gold National Merit Award


1st Place Most Pee Wee articles submitted to the National Magazine


2006-2007 State Awards


 3rd Most Outstanding Society in New York State


Gold Star Merit Award

5 first place awards

13 second place awards


2005-2006 National Awards



2005-2006 State Awards

Gold Star Merit Award


1st Place Best Program State Presidentís Project

1st Most Money donated to State Presidentís Project

1st Most George Washington pins sold

1st Place Best Program CAR Magazine & Newsletter

Tie NYS Fund Pin most credit

1st Place Most new Patriots and Promoters

1st Mountain Schools best program

2nd Place Best program Conservation

2nd Place most National Promoters

2nd Place Public relations program

2nd Place Best American History Program

2nd Place Mt Schools most material aid

2nd Place Best Membership Program

2nd Place Best C.A.R.- SAR relations program

2nd Place Mt Schools most financial aid


2004-2005 National Awards:


National Participation Certificate


 2004-2005 State Awards


Blue Star Merit Award-Education One Another Program


(7 First place awards)

1st Place Best Society Newsletter

1st American Heritage best program

(10 Second Place awards)

2nd place Best program Membership

Gold Medal United State Heritage: Cody Wilson

Silver Pee Wee Patriot & United State Heritage Medal: Kate Szewczyk


 2003-2004 State Awards

Green Star Merit Award

2003-2004 National Merit Award

National Participation Award